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Stage 2B/3A


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My mom, 67 yrs old, was recently diagnosed with 2B/3A lung cancer.  She has a 35mm tumor on her left lung with some metastases to the nearby lymph nodes. The biopsy came back and she has adenocarcinoma with some squamous cells.  The doctor is giving us two options.  Option #1: Give her two rounds of chemo (Carboplatin and Taxol) hoping that the tumor shrinks and then having a lobectomy. Option #2:  Going directly for the pulmonectomy.  We don't really know what decision to make.  Has anyone here had a similar diagnosis? What are the odds of the tumor actually shrinking and being removed?  Any input is appreciated.  



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Hi Maria and welcome. I'm sorry your mom has been diagnose with lung cancer. I didn't have a similar situation. My tumo we very small. I had a lobectomy and didn't need furthr treatment. Hearing from people who have had pulmonectomy, it seems like a lobectomy is a lot easier to recover from.  With positive lymph nodes, your mom is likely to need chemo in any event, eithe before or after surgery.  (She might want to confirm with her doctor that this is so for her) . If she's going to need chemo anyway, it might be worth it to get the two rounds first, to see if the tumor shrinks enough to allow for the less intrusive surgery. 

I hope you'll get some responses from people who have been in similar situations.

Bridget O





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Hello Maria I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis but you came to a good place for answers. 

I was diagnosed with nsclc  Stage 3b adenocarcinoma later added Squamish cell. Tumor in Upper left lung and spread to my lymph nodes. I was told upfront by the surgeon that surgery wasn’t an option because of the location of the effected lymph nodes. I did Chemo and radiation which shrank the tumor and killed the cancer in the lymph nodes. They were able to do the surgery and now I’m NED. 

Wishing your mom the best 


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Hi Maria. I’m so sorry to hear of your mothers diagnosis. My husband was diagnosed with NSCLC squamous Nov 14th. His also in his left lung. Right smack dab in the middle of the left bronchus. He had a pneumonectomy on dec. 10 and started chemo Jan 25th,  as a few lymph nodes were positive. Even though some were removed, chemo was a given since the lymph nodes were involved in his staging. He is 2bn1. He is 51 and just finished his second round of chemo on Friday. He has two more to go. He handled surgery really well. It’s obvi a major surgery (total left lung removal)  and a hard recovery. Chemo has gone as well as can be. Struggles for about 8/10 days with fatigue and lots of nausea. Everyone obvi different. 

Anyhow, my husband didn’t have a choice when first diagnosed given his location. We got a second opinion obvi and They concurred with the first. Have you gotten a second opinion yet? Also, have you met with a thoracic surgeon yet? I do know how shocking  this diagnosis is (as the wife) however, many here, including myself (same diagnosis as my husband)  can guide you the best we can with “things” to check off your list and questions to ask. 

Sending lots of love to you, your mom and family during this time. It’s not easy at first but I promise, it gets better!  Can’t believe I’m able to say that ;)



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