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Hello all, I just copied this from the intro topics because I didn’t figure I would get it all typed again. So you will have to excuse me.

As the title says I will be starting my third round of chemo Friday the 22nd.  My diagnosis was NSCLC adenocarcenoma. I had a wedge resection then Chemo and radiation in Sept. 2016. I was NED until May 2018 then my CT scan showed some uptake in the area where the first problem started. The new mass was small so my Onc started me on 4 cycles of Carbo, Alimta, and Keytruda with a unspecified continuation of the Keytruda. 8 months later CT, PET scan and a bronchoscopy with biopsy indicated the mass had grown almost 3 times the size it was in May. It was cancer but not conclusive about the adjoining lymph nodes but “it could be cancer”.So bottom line is the third round will start Friday the 22nd with Taxotere. Radiation can’t be used on my lungs because of the amount I received the first time around. Nothing has been said about more surgery. My attitude is good and I am anxious to get started and see if this round is mine.



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Had my first treatment yesterday morning. So far so good. I have a little metallic taste in my mouth and my face, chest and shoulders are very flushed. I was told this might happen so I’m not to worried about it. I’m extremely tired but some of that is the previous treatment and some may be the stress I’ve been putting my self thru for no reason. My treatment team is just super and I gave the web site to my patient education nurse. She was very interested and said she would pass it on to other lung cancer patients. 

So a new journey begins with, I am confident, a very good outcome.


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