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Dana Farber INHERIT EGFR T790 Study


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This is an Addario Foundation trial. Why not try contacting them directly?  Here is the contact info:

Kim Parham RN BSN

Senior Manager Patient Navigation & Clinical Program Development

650-779-8286 (cell)

650-598-2857 ext 208 


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Hi Curt, I participated in this study. My tumor, and then germline testing was positive for EGFR T790M mutation. My grandmother, mother and sister died from lung cancer. I can’t direct you to the results but know a little about the study. I met with Dr Oxnard at Dana Farber. He helped get my brother and niece tested, both negative. You are the first person I’ve seen mention T790M so I’m curious if you have encountered it. 

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Hello @Yvonne S.  I have an EGFR exon 19 mutation.  I did not have the T790M mutation.  I was told I had no genetic markers indicating a family genetic connection to lung cancer.    I found that impossible given the fact that my paternal grandmother, my father and six of his nine siblings had it and now I do.  My paternal Great grandmother died of breast cancer that some think was probably lung cancer.  The doctor explained that some families are just predisposed to cancer.  He used the example that some families are predisposed to baldness.  There is no genetic mutation that causes that, just a genetic predisposition to it.  There are more advances on this front happening as we speak.  I found this article interesting.   https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/02/massive-cancer-genome-study-reveals-how-dna-errors-drive-tumor-growth

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