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Bronchoscopy Question


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My oncologist suggested that I was going to have a bronchoscopy. I have terrible ADD and the only thing I can remember him saying is that they were going to to send a tube down my trachea with a camera which tells me almost for sure that I am going to get one. Now I have my 5 cm mass along with 1lymph nose that were lit up on the PET scan. My oncologist said that the lymphnode might be lit up because it was reacting to the infection brought on by the pneumonia I had.

   I know nothing about the anatomy of the lung but my question is this. How do they know for sure if they will have access to the lymphnode and or mass via the bronchoscopy?. I really would like to know what is going on with that 1lymphnod.








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I had a bronchoscopy a little over 2 weeks ago. They biopsied 4 lymph nodes located outside the bronchus (an extension of the airway/trachea). They do this by passing a needle through the bronchus and into the lymph node. The procedure is ultrasound guided. You will be out like a light for this procedure. I was. Best wishes.

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My suggestion is to always bring a notebook/notepad with you.  I write down everything any doctor I meet with says and I also prep for each and every appointment with all the questions.  IF you have the luxury to bring someone with you to every appointment, have that person be the note taker for you.

Good luck.

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