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Severe arthritis

Nancy Ann

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I am scheduled for surgery to remove my lower right lobe on August 23.  I am in stage 1.  I also have arthritis and the day before yesterday I fell when my arthritic knee gave out. Now I can barely hobble around. I will be seeing my orthopedist on Tuesday.  I am worried about the lack of immobility needed for a good recovery after my surgery.  I know there will be need to get out of bed and move around, I understand that the nurses can be very insistent.

Has anyone had to deal with something that prevented physical activity during recovery?  Thank you.

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Hello Nancy Ann-

I think most people here have one challenge or another on top of this lung cancer stuff.  Is it possible to get physical therapy in advance of your surgery?  Some of us here have seen nice benefits of acupuncture to reduce inflammation.   Be assertive with the orthopedist, do not accept the “nothing we can do” answer. Chit chat with the nurses, they’ll hold the treasure chest of solutions. Ask them if there are certain supplements such as glucosamine & condroitin that might help.  Stress reduction activity such as meditation might also help.  Keep us posted on your progress.  



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Nancy, hoping your knee will improve over time before your surgery. So sorry about your fall. When you see the orthopedist you might be prescribed a knee brace to wear that will help support you as you try to move around. Blessings.

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You are right, one is encouraged to be up and about after lung surgery. Are you going to have VATS to remove your lower right lobe? If that is the case, recovery will be less demanding. Besides lapping the ward that will be difficult, you will be introduced to a spirometer that exercises lung function by respiratory therapists a day or so after surgery. Moreover, just getting out of bed and moving to a chair can be beneficial.

Ask your surgeon to arrange a consultation with the hospital physical therapist staff before surgery to have them develop a post surgical plan.

Stay the course.


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Thank you, all.  I wish I had more time to get into some physical therapy.  Hopefully, the Orthopedist will have a solution to get me through the coming weeks, a brace would be good, at least I could hobble more confidently.  My surgeon will be doing the VATS, with the DaVinci robot.  I will check into incorporating physical therapy in my post surgery plan.  I am nervous enough already and having this additional challenge is certainly not helping. Again, thanks everyone.

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