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Lin wilki

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Dry mouth persists. Remedies mentioned here help. Now constipation. Anyone have a healthy way to deal with this? Constantly drinking water and high fiber foods not effective. I’m thinking along the lines of Metamucil?  Solutions anyone?

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For me acupuncture helped with the constipation along with eliminating meat and dairy from my diet. Hard to do, however it was the only thing that worked.  Coffee without half and half takes a while to get used to!  

If all else fails try walking & good old fashion Miralax.  

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I wouldn't know a healthy way of dealing with constipation. I'd rather "eliminate it" and Dulcolax is my go to remedy. But note this is likely a cyclic and repeating symptom and if so, start the laxative a day ahead of symptom onset and you'll not be bothered by it.

Stay the course.


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