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Epic Wedding


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When my (90 year old) Mom was diagnosed we stage IV lung cancer in April, my daughter & fiancé decided to get married on 10/19/19 in hopes my Mom would be there. My mom decided then that she would give chemo a try so she would be at the wedding and at the wedding she was! She was amazing throughout all the weekend festivities staying until the very end of each event. I and her grandson walked her proudly down the isle to our seats in front, tears flowing. But the absolute topping on the cake was the last song at the wedding reception was “I had the time of my of life”, she got up and was dancing and all the guests circled around she and her dancing partner and cheered. It was the perfect ending to what was a perfect day. 

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Tried to post some pictures but I guess they are too big to post. I’ll have to figure out how to make them smaller. All the pictures I have were sent to me from friends. The photographers pictures won’t be available for a month or so. 

On a side note, I will never doubt the power of positive thinking again. I know that’s not the only thing that made it possible for my Mom to be there on Saturday, great medical advances and a doctor who was willing to listen and go above and beyond to make it happen had a lot to do with it but my Mom never gave up, she kept her eye on the prize and said many many times I will be there. If I am some day faced with what she has gone through,  I pray I have 1/2 of her will and tenacity. I never realized what a really strong woman she is until now.

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