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Robert  A.

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Hello, my name is Robert. In the last week a mass has been detected by x-ray and CT scan that revealed my wife has a mass on her upper right lobe. I came here to read as much information as I can and to hear similar stories. Thanks.

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Hello Robert, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis. I read in your other post that it was found after going to the doc for allergies. Thats how we found mine. Thankfully before it was any larger.  
I think the craziest time was the couple months before treatment started. I know I felt like no one had any urgency and I stressed out. Just try to remember that they’ll do a number of test and everything takes time. This forum saved me when I was thinking the worse. 
if you have questions just ask and also I read older post that help me know I wasn’t alone. 
Take Care


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Hi Robert!  I'm glad you found your way here, this is a great place for support and learning from other's experiences.  Here are some links for you to learn more about lung cancer, the process of diagnosing and the "what comes next".https://lungevity.org/for-patients-caregivers/lung-cancer-101

LUNGevity has many different resources that are available online, by phone/text and also in person.  We are currently hosting a series of Lunch and Learns in partnership with various hospitals across the country.  The list of upcoming events is here.  

Please reach out with any questions that you have.  We are here to support you!

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