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I was in a very dark mood all day yesterday. I was constipated (didnt take a laxative before I ate) so starting after lunch I was bloated and uncomfortable the rest of the day. Then got an email from the oncologist that my first consult is not till Feb 19th.

So...back to waiting and worrying. But I can't let that stop me from keeping focused on recovering from surgery. Constipation cleared up this morning, pain is almost completely gone, cough getting better now that I am doing the blow tube thing correct and recovery going well.

Like I said earlier...I should be making plans on when I would be going back to work. Unfortunately the job I have isn't the kind you can do well without a clear head and I dont think it will be helpful to go back until I know I am back for good. Instead I fruitlessly scour the internet for info on Large Cell cancer. What little I find is not very encouraging.

I have an email into my pulmonologist asking for more detail regarding the biopsy. When you get a cold call like I got your just not prepared to ask the pertinent questions.

Thanks for listening.



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Hi Tom,

Been there done that.  We’ve all gone through what you are experiencing. The wait.  The wait for the first oncology appointment.  It’s all hurry up and wait.  The medical wheels never move as fast as we need them to in the beginning.  It sucks big wind.  Once the treatment plan gets rolling things will get better, you will have a greater sense of control.  Ringo got it right- it don’t come easy. 

Good call on the return to work. Both your body and mind need to rest and recovery.  Work can wait, the longer the better in my opinion since it takes a while to shift gears to adjust to whatever the new normal becomes.  

Keep doing what you’re doing- from what I can see you’re way ahead of the physical healing curve.  That’s determination and discipline, the perfect combination for whatever lies ahead.  


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