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Reality-Our Destiny - IMHO


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Why do we continue to prolong the inevitable?

I understand we all love our family and think they cant go on with out us. Yes they they will miss us and all but we need to start thinking about the inevitable.

We raised our children to be independent and self supporting (I hope.), They are strong.

But who are we giving hope to? For 97% of cancer patients it is a death sentence. We will all pass away from it, either from complications or mutations.

While I applaude every one who has rang the bell, lets get real. Our future is in the hands of the Lord.

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Dear WC,

The future is in the hands of my body......I'm no atheist but if my body fails me, I will die. I am a biological being and entropy is inevitable. I am alive 18 months with treatment and have lived joyously with gratitude every waking moment. And as long as treatment allows me to be a happy and functioning human being, I will opt for treatment to prolong my life, to prevent my body from failing and succumbing to my Cancer. Should my Cancer not respond to treatment and death is inevitable, I will not prolong any delusion or suffering and hopefully will have the wherewithal to stop all treatment and die as I have lived, with grace and gratitude.

Though my children and grandchildren are loved and enjoyed, they are not the primary reason I chose treatment. I chose treatment for me, so I can continue to enjoy my life, which I do immensely.

That's my two cents.

Take Care, DFK.


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Everyone fights. How hard they fight is totally up to them. If the fight ever becomes not worth it I will let it go. I have been bedside twice..so I know how it feels.

But until that day...I fight like hell!



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I completely agree with your pronouncement: my future is in the hands of the Lord. But, today is in my hands. My life as a lung cancer survivor is dedicated to finding a little piece of joy in each day and then reveling in it. My past and future are irrelevant; I choose to live in the day. Here is a more detailed explanation.

You are most welcome here. We've all been through the treatment grist mill or supported one in treatment. So we understand, completely.

Stay the course.


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