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Well, crud.


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As I feared might happen, the vascular surgeon who needs to perform a bypass on my sublclavian artery canceled my appointment for next week. They were only seeing critical patients at this time and I don't qualify. Sooner or later the syncope is going to make me pass out and I'll hurt myself. And I need to get that done so I can get on with a port and chemo. COVID-19 is getting in the way.

That's the bad news. The good news is this is the last day I have to have a home IV antibiotic, after six weeks. I acquired the bug from a drain tube left in too long.

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I totally understand why you would be really concerned at this point.  The downside of  COVID is that in non hot spots, hospitals have open beds while they are "waiting" for the surge of critical patients which in some areas may hopefully never come.  

Now there's likely to be a backlog of procedures when the virus peaks, creating another logistics challenge.  Have they given you an estimated procedure date?  Day by day is the only way forward.   I will keep praying for you.   I wish we could do more..... I'm so sorry you're in this situation.  

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