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Great Iressa story!!!

Guest Piermarie

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Guest Piermarie

Hi Everyone-

Not sure if anyone has heard of "Woman's World" magazine, but I decided to pick up copy at the grocery store and got a wonderful surprise!!!

It is the February 24, 2004 edition and there is a story titled "Iressa gave me back my life". It is from a woman who was dx'd with stage IV NSCLC, non smoker, and although she doesn't divulge her age, she talks about her upcoming 25yr. anniversary and she has a 16yr old, a 14yr. old, and a 10yr. old. Anyway, she she has mets to the brain and liver and they start her on chemo. After 3 rounds of chemo and no improvement, in fact she can barely get off of the sofa, they decide to try a clinical trial of Iressa. Now, this was 3-4 years ago at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

She felt better almost immediately from the Iressa and then 8 months after taking it, there was no evidence of cancer at all on her scans!!!!

She ends the article by saying that she is still taking the Iressa to keep the cancer "at bay".

This was a great story and if anyone wants to read it but can't find it, let me know and I will copy it and mail it to you!!!!!

Staying Hopeful keeps me Strong!!!!!


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Guest Piermarie


My mom won't be back until the 26th, next Thursday, so I probably won't see you there tomorrow but definitely next month!!!!

Hope all is well with you!


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A good Iressa story was exactly what I needed to hear tonight! I know your mom is having success with Iressa. My father just began Iressa about 10 or so days ago. He does have itching and a bit of an irritated rash on his arms, but is itchy all over. Doc said this was a good sign. Its not acne on his face like I read some people get. Did your mom have the side effects? If she had the rash, what was it like? Do the side effects subside after your body adjusts to the medicine? When did your mom start to feel better? Did she have weakness with it, my father seems to be weak and I read on the package that it could be a side effect.Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Thanks for the encouraging info on Iressa. I am going to look for the magazine today. If it is not available would you mind sending it to me?



10/03: 76 yr. Mom diagnosed squamous cell nsclc

11/04-1/04: 4 rounds of Taxol/Carbo

1/30/04: CT scan no change/new lesion :(

2/4/04: Taxotere

2/8/04: Bad reaction, bedridden with Thrush/Diarrhea

2/26/04: Starts 15 days of Iressa

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