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Suggested Questions for Radiology Consult tomorrow?


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I'm trying to educate myself with a crash course in radiation treatment for NSCLC... I have a suspicious, likely adenocarcinoma in situ 8mm nodule.  I have two differing opinions from providers I see, which is not helping. Surgeon reviewed recent scan and agreed with radiologist that this growth remains stable, is a likely cancer, but felt comfortable waiting another 12 months for a scan. I since wrote to tell him my local pulmonologist is recommending I go in a different direction, and has recommended a consult with radiologist that is scheduled for tomorrow. Now I have a telemed appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. So I will be getting both opinions this week regarding radiation and surgery.

I'm assuming my surgeon is not alarmed and is being conservative with my exposure to repeated scans right now. There is no evidence of recurrence in the right lung (RUL lobectomy in 2018), but he said it is likely this is another slow growing cancer. He feels comfortable watching and waiting on it. I trust his experience but not sure I'd wait 12 months for another scan.

Pulmonologist... Smaller town clinic. Good doc's, but every time I go to this clinic/hospital, I feel they push for procedures that aren't necessary or always in the patient's best interest. I was hoping I could have the consult with the radiologist via telemed due to COVID, but they said no, it has to be in person. I am going - reluctantly - tomorrow a.m.  Pulmonologist said given I had a confirmed, previous cancer, he does not think this new nodule will warrant a biopsy. He wants me to meet with the radiologist to find out what their "threshold" will be for this new nodule; when they would recommend treating it.

I'm not sure I'd want our local cancer center to even treat this - which is why I am looking forward to speaking with my surgeon who is with a much larger hospital / clinic that I assume (I know...!) has much more experience in this area, state of the art equipment, etc.

The pulmonologist made it sound as if I need to start treatment asap... I'm so down. We had an accepted offer to buy a home that we just rescinded today. I wanted to speak with both the radiologist and the surgeon, but I couldn't extend the time to decide without losing our earnest money, so had to make a decision today. I did not want to make it out of fear; I think it was more of a realistic decision, but I don't even know what that reality might be until I've spoken with the doctors. I was too concerned about going forward with the purchase if I need treatment, multiple appointments right now, etc. on top of work the home needs.  I knew I could not juggle all of this as a single mom. Mad at cancer and heartbroken at the same time. The timing was just off. I was so excited about buying... wah...

As a result, I am a little overwhelmed and foggy in the head with other stuff today... If anyone has time, I'd love some help with what questions I should have prepared, what to ask, what I should be inquiring into for tomorrow's appointment with the radiologist... Thank you!

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Ooh, I just made an appointment for a radiation oncology consult next week! I will probably be getting radiation for the spot to my sacrum, as well as for the tumor and lymph nodes in my chest.

So I'll be watching for suggestions, too--thanks for asking the question.

I'm sorry about the house, but I can understand your reasons for canceling right now. I hope before too long you'll be able to go forward with this.

Sending a hug of encouragement!

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Questions for the radiation oncologist, at least I hope you are seeing a radiation oncologist and not a radiologist.  The former treats cancer with radiation while the latter interprets scans and x-rays.

Assuming you are seeing a radiation oncologist, here are some questions that come to mind.

  • How confident are you that this 8mm nodule can be "fried" by radiation?
  • What method or methods of radiation would you use to treat the nodule?
  • Are these methods covered by my insurance plan?
  • Would you recommend chemo concurrent with radiation or after radiation or no chemo?
  • Tell me why radiation is the best method to address this nodule.

Stay the course.


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One other thought--there are sessions at the conference this weekend on "Radiation 101" and "Chemo 101," etc. I'd try to make some of those--it might suggest additional questions you'll want to ask before starting treatment.

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Tom... My bad! I need to be very precise in what I am saying. I felt some panic when I read your post and had to go to the clinic web site to make sure I'm seeing a radiation oncologist... I am. Thank you for educating me! Thank you for the questions as well - great starting point. I've been reading Lungevity's info re: Radiation Therapy as well.

Teri - I am registered for this weekend... Thank you for reminding me that there will be sessions for both radiaton and chemo.  I plan on attending.  I guess this will be the week for learning.


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