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Progression to primary tumor


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Hi All, I‘be been on Tagrisso for 9 months for stage 4. I had to drop to 40mg due to side effects. I just had scans and I have growth on my primary tumor and my immature granulocytes are high. The plan is to get a biopsy and then radiation. Have many of you experienced this? I’m sad and scared. 

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I'm sorry that neither I nor anybody else saw this post.  It looks like you may have begun a new forum, but this should have been posted in Introduce Yourself.  In that way you would have been in front of a number of folks who have experienced what you have.  I personally had my lung cancer treatment in the form of surgery.  Up to this point I haven't required chemo so I cannot be a good source of experience, but please post in Introduce Yourself here and you'll have a lot of good input pretty quickly.


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Welcome. Like Lou, I apologize for it taking so long for you to get a response. I hope your still with us...if you are can you give us an update.



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