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Anyone here ever do Taxotere (docetaxel)?

Sandy N

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Hey, it's me again.  The next step in the saga of "Me and My Adrenal Glands" will be 4x Taxotere (docetaxel) and Cyramza 3 weeks apart.  I have read that Taxotere is rather harsh (hey, lucky me!).  I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with either of these drugs and, if so, what can I "look forward" to (for lack of better way to phrase it).  I'm remaining optimistic that this regimen will pack the punch necessary to send those adrenal glands screaming out for mommy.  ;)  

Edited to add:  Stay tuned....this saga could become an all-out epic saga....kind of like Kevin Costner movies that never seem to end!  LOL!

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Hi Sandy, I had Taxoterre in 2011 with Carboplatin as part of my treatment for a non-lung cancer. First, I had concurrent radiation and Cisplatin followed up with 3 rounds of Taxoterre/Carboplatin at 3 week intervals. Taxol was suggested, but I was concerned because my mom had many rounds of Taxol and became disabled by motor neuropathy. I had read (somewhere?) that risk of neuropathy from taxanes might be heriditary. So it was replaced by Taxoterre, which is supposed to be less likely to cause neuropathy.

Nevertheless, I began to develop neuropathy in my toes after the first infusion. It increased after each of the subsequent infusions, and crept up to my ankles. My feet would feel tingly and numb, which made it hard for me to drive very long. It also mad any pressure such as tight shoes or even tight socks painful. Fortuantely, I had only 3 infusions. If more had been planned, my onc and I would have had a serious discussion about options.

Over time, the neuropathy has receded back to my toes. They still feel funny and I need to wear wide toed shoes and socks that rare not elasticized in the toe area, or I'll have numbness and pain.  This is a bit of annoyance. However, my treatment worked. I had a very aggressive stage 3 cancer and today I'm NED.

\So called "Taxol Toes" and some other long term side effects of my treatment were worth it.  Hang in there.

Bridget O

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Thanks, Bridget, for your reply.  I'll keep an eye out for the neuropathy.  I think I'm also going to lose my hair (again) but I'd rather lose that than my life.  ;)  It's too bad, it was growing back so nicely but I did have some mild hair loss with my last round of treatments.  So I guess that was prepping me - LOL!  I'm very happy to hear that the Taxotere did its job for you and I'm hoping the same for me (and all others who have it).  My hope that the end result of the Taxotere treatment, while it won't be the easiest (but are any of them???) will be well worth it.  I will be receiving "chemo ed" prior to treatment on Friday but I wanted to know what other folks' experiences may have been with Taxotere and/or Cyramza.  

I'm so happy that you are NED!  Woohoooo!  :)


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Just had my first treatment today.  Feeling good so far but I know from experience that side effects are just a day or two away.  I did find out some very heartening news today.  At my last meeting with my onc to go over the scan, he had very casually mentioned a mass that was shrinking in my chest but then that was it.  I did ask about it today as I was concerned that perhaps I not only had a met but a recurrence as well.  Found out that the mass is indeed shrinking.....the burn pile mass.  LOL!  That's why I've had a bit of a cough, slight rasp to my voice, clearing throat an a bit of a wheeze.  The lymph node that was enlarged 3 months ago has shrunk, too!  So, whew, what a relief!  So now the only fish to fry are my screamin' adrenals!  ;)  Feeling a lot happier and chipper, I tell ya!

Edited to add:  For anyone who is new here and doesn't know what the "burn pile" is that we refer to, it's the mass of charred tissue (LOL!) left behind by radiation.  It does start to shrink over time and causes surrounding lung tissue to contract and tighten and there are some side effects associated with it.  But easily doable!  


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Sandy, first off, good news! And I wish you well with your chemo treatments. I hear you about hair loss. It took me a year to get my  hair back (after carbo/taxol), but my eyelashes continue to fall out at random times. I have to take a biotin supplement (with onc OK) for my hair and also my nails, which are splitting from Tagrisso. But as you say, I'd rather lose my hair than my life. Best of luck with this next phase. 

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