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Weird stuff in medical records


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When I was doing the online check-in for a recent appointment I was shocked to see "major depressive disorder" as something I was dealing with. I asked to have it removed, with the notation I had no idea where the "diagnosis" had come from and that I was NOT depressed.

I just noticed it's still in there and that the entry was 2/22/21. Checking my calendar, that was the date of my telehealth visit with my PCP regarding the then-severe arthritis pain in my hip, which was making it difficult to walk and nearly impossible to climb stairs.

I might have responded to a questionnaire, in connection with that visit, indicating that in the previous 7 days I'd felt depressed, but I've never felt worthless or hopeless, etc. And as soon as my severe pain started to subside, any feelings of being depressed went away. I think that, all things considered, my mental health is excellent, and I don't need a "major depressive disorder" diagnosis in my medical chart that is completely inaccurate.

I sent a note to my PCP to ask her to correct it. 

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Funny how they don't differentiate between situational and clinical depression.  I'm depressed right now because of how I'm physically feeling but I'm not depressed in the clinical sense.  Sheesh!  They'd better remove that for you!


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