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Yvette Simms

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Hi Yvette,

That’s pretty much how we all feel when this news hits.  You’ve found the right group of people, committed survivors and caregivers avail to support each other.   Today diagnosis is not prognosis, with treatment options expanding every year.   There are many long term survivors here.  

Let us know how we can help-anytime. 


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Boy, did you come to the right place.  We have all gone through this and understand all the storm of emotions that you must be feeling.  It's never good news, but in that there may be good news and that is "HOPE".  There are treatments now that weren't here even a few short years ago.  So please try to take everything one step at a time.  I realize that is easier said than done, but this is a marathon and not a sprint, so you need to stay together and whole through this process.  There is good information at our Caregiver Resource Center and you can find that here.  

You and/or your Mom may also find additional survival information useful.  Tom Galli wrote an excellent blog called "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer: by a Survivor" that is at this location.

Ask questions of us and your Mom's medical team.  Try to make sure you understand what the treatment is, what the expectations are and what (if any) side effects to expect.  Come here as often as you want and ask our super team as well.  The experiences here are broad and deep.


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