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Are fevers "normal"?


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Hi everyone... although we are waiting on the full official diagnosis and results from other tests, we have been told that the 7cm mass found in my father's left lung is indeed cancer. We are trying to stay as positive as possible... but I was wondering if anyone else has had fevers? He gets cold easily and complains of a body ache - similar to those cold/flu body aches - and then he takes a paracetamol. Less than an hour later he is drenched in sweat as if his body is pushing out the fever. This happens several nights a week... has anyone else experienced this? He got tested for COVID and it was negative, so it's not that...

Thanks for responding!

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Yes. I had very similar symptoms at times. Low grade fever. Night sweats. Cold then hot. My tumor was found to be Large Cell Neoendocrin tumor (NET). This kind of tumor expresses hormones that can cause many of the the symptoms you describe. For reference my tumor was 4.2 cm round.

I hope this helps.



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Good Morning from the US

I’m sorry you find yourself here and trying to staying positive right now is the best course since the treatment options have exploded in the last five years with survivorship increasing. 

The fevers can be normal, I had them along with profuse sweating when I was diagnosed in 2018.  We were in constant contact with the oncologists office… the fevers dissipated when treatment started.    It was kind of frustrating at the time because no one explained the fevers were typical.   
Let us know how we can be of assistance with any other questions. 

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