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Lymph node changes.


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I have a supraclavicular lymph node that was identified as a malignant tumor back in March of 2020 via PET and CT scans. It is right behind my clavicle and is palpable. It has  been up and down in size over the last few months.
Its size has fluctuated from about 3/4 cm to  2 cm. It is firm and rounded, just behind my clavicle.

Last week I had my 26th Keytruda infusion, and it felt to be about 1.5 cm. Today, it feels smaller, like maybe 3/4 cm.

My question, is, could this thing be dead? And if it is, can it just disappear as it’s absorbed or can it calcify and remain an inert hard ball?


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Sorry that I can't answer your question, but that is sure one for you to bring to your doctor asap.  I'd want to know what's behind the "shrinking and growing" tumor.  Please let us know what you learn.


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