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Update on my Dad

Guest cheri

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Guest cheri

I haven't posted an update on my Dad for awhile and I hope that I am posting this in the right place!

There's not a whole lot of new changes, but I feel so much relief and comfort when I vent and "post" and receive responses of support and encouragement.

He received his second round of chemo (Carbo/Taxol) last Wednesday and it really hit him hard Friday night. He was in the bed all weekend and slowly seemed to be coming out of it today. He says that it's like the worst case of flu he's ever had...complaints of body and joint aches, especially.

He's in a randomized clinical trial at UAB and unfortunately was not picked to receive the antibody drug called ABX-EGF. However, if there is any progression of disease he will be placed on it ASAP. He's also having a CT scan, chest x-ray, and ultrasound next Wednesday to find out what has happened since his diagnosis in December. He was placed on Glucophage for his high sugar results and now they have concluded that it was definitely from the decadron. He takes more glucophage the day before and day after chemo to help combat the high sugar results.

We have stopped taking supplements for now until his test results next week. I am very optimistic and anxious at the same time to say the least! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers regarding his test results next week.

My father is having a lot of shoulder pain that they feel is arthritis (according to bone scan). They put him on celebrex and it did help until this last chemo treatment...he says that it is beginning to bother him again even with the Celebrex.

We're just praying and hoping. There are so many forks in this road that I feel we are constantly wondering if we are choosing the right paths with every decision being made!

Thank you again for being such a wonderful support system for me. I have grown to really like all of you even though you don't hear from me very often. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences with this horrible disease.


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Hi Cheri

Sorry to hear that your Dad hasn't been feeling too well - bad flu-like symptoms seem to be pretty common with the folk on this board!

Will be hoping for some great results next week. I note that you say your Dad has been taking Celebrex - are you aware of the studies that suggest Celebrex may enhance the effects of chemo? If you would like some more info on this, click on the Search icon at the top of the page under Lung Cancer Message Boards. My mum has recently started taking it, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Hope all goes well and will be thinking of you next week.


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