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SBRT Radiation

Deb W

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Hi everyone,

Just finished the MRI of lumbar and thoracic spine Tuesday - wow almost 2 hours altogether in the tunnel.  My pain isn't being managed as well as it should be Norco - either I've built up a tolerance to Norco or the pain is getting progressively worse - so there was that and even with a little sedation, I felt very claustrophobic but made it through...I am so thankful both MRI's were normal. 

On Wednesday I had a simulation for SBRT radiation which will start next Thursday...again same thing with pain - it's so hard to lay that still for a long time when there's pain - also felt claustrophobic even with Lorazapam.

I will be having SBRT next Thursday.  I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences.  I've been reading a lot, but there's nothing like having information from someone who has experienced it. Tom, I think you mentioned a while back that you've had it.

Thanks in advance.



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I have no SBRT experiences to share, but I so understand the claustrophobia in an MRI.  I had to be in one for just 30 minutes and at the end of it all I couldn't get out fast enough.  What are your doctors saying about the Norco and it not working well for your pain?  They must surely be able to help you find some relief.  

I'm sure Tom will be to you soon...he's a real believer in SBRT.  Best of all luck to you and you'll be in my prayers.


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SBRT, in my case CyberKnife, was indeed a piece of cake. I had the same long simulations you describe and they were a major pain. I also had a body mold made that fit my body so I could present in the same orientation every time. Technology has moved on because I hear few reports these days about the mold.

My plan was 3 radiation sessions delivered over three concurrent days. The total length of treatment from the time I arrived at the radiation center to departure was about 30 minutes. Time on the radiation table was about 15 minutes. Three sessions and done!

They had music and the hardest thing I had to deal with was that "itch" that would happen just after being locked into the mold and strapped on the table. All together, it was the easiest lung cancer treatment I had and the most effective. About 3 months after treatment, my scan showed NED and I've been NED ever since.

I hope you have the same results.

Stay the course.


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