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Another question..........

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I have yet another question for you guys........Is high blood pressure a problem with lung cancer? My Dad's BP was 215/133 today. I know he was nervous because of his first carbo/taxol treatment today, but this is waaaay too high. (The last three Dr. appointments his BP has been increasing.) I checked his BP at home several hours later and it was still almost that high. His tumor is in the upper left lobe and it is encasing the main pulmonary artery. My mind is running wild here.........but would more occlusion of the pulmonary artery cause a rise in BP?? Seems like it would to me. I didn't get to go with him today...........my little one had a 103.5 degree temperature today.I do plan on calling his oncologist about this tomorrow. (My Dad asks NO questions on his own!!) In the mean time, the Dr. has put him on BP meds and Xanax. Praying that the chemo will shrink things. By the way, he has done extremely well this afternoon. No side effects............not yet anyway. He ate a good supper which I cooked for him. If anyone has had a BP problem arise, or anyone who has an opinion, please let me know. Thanks!


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Guest cheri

Angie, it's strange how this disease affects everyone so differently! After receiving chemo (Carbo/Taxol) my Dad's sugar went through the roof...almost 700! They got that under control finally with glucophage and said that it was from the steroids. Now, unlike your father, his blood pressure is bottoming out. He had a "dizzy spell" after receiving his last chemo (1 week after) and when we checked his b/p it was 88/58! The doctor tweeked his b/p meds and everything seemed OK. It happened again today at the MD office and his b/p was 87/50! :shock: So they recommended some more changes to his bp medication. He was feeling much better by afternoon and everything was back to within normal limits. It seems to happen the week after he receives a chemo treatment.

I am sorry to not offer any help, but maybe someone has had a similar situation regarding blood pressure?


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I know my bp was elevated slightly on chemo, and most of the time I was in treatment. It wasn't "High" but high for me. .. like 155/92, when I normally had bp about 110/72. Your oncologist is aware of it,and has put your dad on meds for it. When you talk to the oncologist, ask if there is anything else about elevated blood pressure, ie signs and symptoms that could indicate a problem, that you should know about. It's good that your oncologist has already noted and prescribed meds to keep the bp down.

Prayers for you and your dad.



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