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I have my treatment!


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I met with my oncologist yesterday. I was so nervous my stomach was sick. 

We went over the results of my PET scan. The cancer is in my right lung and the lymph nodes in my neck (which we already knew). It has not spread anywhere else in my body.

My PDL-1 did not qualify me for immunotherapy, which is what I was hoping for. However, the doc says "I have some good news! Your mutation marker came back with EGFR, which is what I was hoping for. You are a candidate for targeted therapy."

I am so excited!  I have read (and been told) that targeted therapy is working extremely well for people.  It will take two weeks to process my prescription, and I will start taking my pills around that time. I still have no symptoms (thankfully). So excited to get treatment started!  I am ready to beat this thing! I slept like a baby last night.

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Hi Iris, I'm glad that you're feeling better. Both targeted therapy and immunotherapy can be very effective treatments. It's great that your doctor is positive too! Best of luck with the treatment. Let us know how it goes. 

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IrisI, sorry I'm late reading your post. I was diagnosed at Stage IIIB (inoperable) in October 2019. I had chemo and radiation first, then started the targeted therapy Tagrisso 80 mg in March 2020, and I've been NED since April 2021. My mutation is EGFR Exon 19 deletion. 

Tagrisso is so much easier than chemo and radiation. I do have side effects that are manageable. You may or may not have side effects, it's hard to know since everyone is different. 

If you're on Facebook and will be taking Tagrisso, here is a link to the Tagrisso support group. There is lots of information, including a search function:


If you'll be on another targeted therapy, this would be the group:


Best of luck! 

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