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Any suggestions or tips for lung cancer induced cough?


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Hello everyone! 
My mom is on year 5 of surviving her stage 4 lung cancer. Unfortunately after oral chemo, radiation and immuno therapy her cancer is getting worse and causing a cough. She does have prescribed medicine for the cough but does anyone have any working home remedies we can include to help her manager her cough? Please let me know. Thank you! 

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Hi! I'm so sorry to hear your mom is struggling with a cough. Your mom's healthcare team may have suggestions other than medication that may be able to help ease the coughing. Has she tried using a humidifier in her room?  Maybe hot tea with lemon & honey to soothe her throat? I hope she can find something that works for her. 

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My doctor prescribed Tessalon Perle or something like that, might have spelled it wrong. It numbs the lungs and throat to make that spasm and urge to cough go away. Not good for a productive cough, but good for a dry cough and coughing fits. Humidifier, cough drops with menthol, coat throat tea with honey, walking outside even when I feel too tired. My cough is from small pleural effusion after lobectomy though, so it might be different. I hope she can find relief. 

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