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Hi All my dear Friends,

I haven't been on for a couple of days. Trying to catch up, sorry I haven't responded. Thank you so much for the support and all of the information. I have opted for Door #3. This sounds like the best. I don't have a date of surgery yet. Waiting on all the insurance approval. You know all the red tape stuff. I do already have an appointment with a new Radition Oncologist on Wednesday. He is from the City of Hope Cancer Institute here in California. I told the Nuerosurgeon last Wednesday that I refuse to go to the same one who radiated me too much. I had approval and appt on Thursday morning. It's amazing what gets done when you have control of your situation and have good doctors...

As many of you have said knowledge is power. It's sad when first diagnosed we don't have a clue or it seems time to research for answers. Everything is in such a fog. I was just moving emotionless and scared. Not anymore. That is why this Forum is so important to all of us (Thank you Rick, Katie & Estrella) I can only express this site has been a real blessing to me. The knowledge, experience, and caring is so beautiful and just gives you a feeling of confidence and we are all able to keep a positive attitude and we are all "Survivors"...

Again, thank you all,

Blessings, prayers and HUGE hugs from Me to you...


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Hi Karen,

I can speak only for mysef. When they discovered two small tumours to the brain the approach was to undergo 10 sessions of WBRand that was really preventative in nature i.e. get anything there they could not spot, followed by radiatactic surgery and that was to zap the two they did find. And it worked!!

For your infor. Good luck with whatever you choose. Just know that either they, they can be eradicated.

God Bless us All..


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Hey Karen.

I'm so glad you opted for door # 3 -- Let's Make a Deal was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up (which I still seem to be doing) :lol:

The news of your new tumor need only be bad news if you want it to be; consider this, if one of your goals in life were to try everything once, well then, you can now cross brain surgery off of your to do list. Take care Karen, and I will be thinking of you daily.

David P.

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Hi David,

Thank you! I look at this like just a amall bump in the road. I have confidence in the doctor who is going to do the surgery, well know and excellent references. He does adult and Pediatric nuerosurgery at Loma Linda Hospital here in Southern California. He is also a teaching professor there. There is only the ONE small lesion and he feels confidents it will be cured. I really appreciate your prayers. We are survivors with a positive attitude and long life...

Blessings and prayers from So. California


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