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Hi I’m Wendy


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Not sure if I should be here or where to go, I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis (recently diagnosed) I’m an asthmatic, have had brittle asthma since I was 19 but the last 4 years started getting pneumonia and sepsis meaning hospital as an inpatient quite a lot, my lung specialist was trying to find out why as she knew it wasn’t the asthma causing this, then I started getting out of breath when doing things, dressing, showering etc and pain in my shoulder blades so they did a chest X-ray and found plural effusion, then 4 weeks ago this Thursday they did a CT scan with contrast, I’m still waiting for results and getting more breathless and tired. Does anyone know how long all of this takes and will they drain me?

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These forums are to help support people with lung cancer.  While I'm very empathetic to the terrible symptoms you're going through there isn't proof that you are suffering from cancer yet so I want to be very careful about any statements I make.  

Having said the aforementioned I can tell you that often the diagnostic process can be very taxing and lengthy.  Please speak directly with your doctor to find out where you are in the process, what they are concluding, and when/if they plan on draining the effusion.  Please come back here with your results and know that we wish you the best.  My prayer is that you don't have lung cancer, but if you do we will be here to support you.


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