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Katie or Rick


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Thanks for asking Cathy,

I'm doing better! Still unsteady from pain meds (I can barely take tylenol :wink: ) and all those tests were a pain- literally- but with some rest and some TLC, I feel alot better than I did on wednesday!

Still don't know what caused the high fevers and the extreme back pain. I know what ISN'T wrong with me ! LOL ! Everything from my pelvic area to my upper abdomin looks ok on the sonogram. They did a back x-ray- still don't know about that one...they checked everything and everything checked out ok, other than my lungs and my brain- and sometimes even I think theres nothing in my brain! LOL (shut-up Rick :wink: )

I'm slowly coming back into the land of the living and I'm embarrassed at all the attention my post got! Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up in case you were wondering where your receipt was or why I wasn't answering your messages to me! Didn't mean to scare anyone I PROMISE! Don't worry about me- I'm like the energizer bunny...I keep going and going and going...

You guys are SO amazing...YOU guys are my heros, YOU guys are fighting a real fight and a real disease in which many times you are so very sick and here you are worried over me.... :?: I am awestruck!

You all continue to amaze me everyday with your love and support for one another. I am so honored to be here amongst you all.

((HUGS)) Cathy! Thank you for asking.

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Glad you're feeling better.

I received my totes yesterday, They are so beautful, I must have sat and stared at in for 15 minutes, my daughter loves it too, cant wait until my mom gets home, to give her hers and I know my sister will love it as well.. I am having some family over tonight and cant wait to show them. Probably going to be more tears especially after I show them what your wonderful husband is doing for our fallen angels, and I thought I had the best husband in the world..Take care of yourself Katie

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