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Fowl Thoughts!


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Am I wierd or do you find this funny, (the last part,) too. It certainly gave us a good laugh and relieved some tension;

My husband, David, (or Dave, whichever fits the mood at the time,) has a very dry humor. Just lately it has been sorely tested but ,as this incident proved , it is still evident.

We were driving to the hospital the other day, (for the usual round of chemo and shots etc.) and feeling pretty depressed. The radio was tuned to one of the local talk shows. There was a man from PETA on that day discussing the terrible atrocities a certain restaurant chain are "apparently" inflicting on poor feathered creatures, before they reach our plates. Of course Dave and I were disgusted by what we were hearing. We are not vegetarians, but we consider cruel treatment of any animal apalling. We were sitting in silence thinking about what we had heard when suddenly Dave came out with, "Oh Heck, I suppose it will be just my luck to come back to this earth as a chicken!!!!"


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