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Nancy O.

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I received my tote bags today and I think they are just great. I love the pictures and the whole idea. Thanks Katie for putting it together and all your work. I was shocked about Becky's passing. I just can't seem to accept it. I can't believe it and I just wanted to vent a little here. Lung cancer sucks soooo bad and not because I experienced it, but because people are dying too young, too good and still with too much to give. And that is just the start of how I feel. Just very sad and so very angry right now. Over everyone who has passed on because of the damned disease. :x:x:x:x:x:x

My love to you all. Nancy O.

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I agree with both of you. This is a horrible disease. I thought it would never happen to me but I am sure everyone thought that. I too am upset about Becky. She was so young. Heck we all are too young for this stuff. I have scans next month and am very nervous about them already. So afraid they will find a surprise. Have to take one day at a time. Sorry to vent but I feel like screaming right now.


aka Nushka

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It is so hard at times. Some people just don't know the stress it puts on a person when it comes to the tests or going to the doctor for what before seemed like a routine visit for maybe just a cold or the flu. It's amazing that some of the things I read that this disease can be dx'd just by a simple pain in your toe. Go figure. How does that happen. How do doctors diagnose that? How do doctors that this disease is not their specialty know that you need additional testing. It is just a guessing game. If it persists let see (doctor scratching head ) what can I test you for now. Do blood tests pick up things that detect this disease, diabetes, and other chronic disease? It just amazes me how this disease can strike in the mysterious ways that it does....

Sorry I don't mean to vent. Please don't take it personal anyone. I just don't understand the why we haven't progressed with our research any more than we have. We are supposed to be state of the art. Yeah right!

Blessings and prayers,


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I kind of think everyone might need to vent right about now. Having lost (2) of our very VOCAL, INSPRIATIONAL, UPBEAT, LOVING, KINDHEART, SUPPORTIVE friends, is VERY VERY HEART BREAKING TO SAY THE LEAST!

No one understands this MONSTER of living with Lung Cancer like ALL OF US DO! NO ONE! And for those that DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS, THEY ALSO DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT EITHER. :x

Well, I guess we are the given few that knows lung cancer has NO BOUNDRIES! Lets just keep blaming it on cigarettes and stick our heads in the sand that nothing else causes lung cancer other then CIGARETTES!


I'm ANGRY and I SAD, that we lost our DEAR DEAR FRIENDS! They have ALL fought soooo hard and God Bless them for there love and support to all of us. I HATE THIS CRAP! I HATE LUNG CANCER!!

I MISS THEM ALL!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Guest bessb

Yesterday my daughter was here visiting and I was telling her about Judy B and came to the message board to show her Juidy's picture when I saw the post about our Becky. I just lost it so badly I had to shut down my computer. I sobbed and vented for about an hour and told my daughter I just couldn't stand any more pain of losing our wonderful beautiful friends, God please help us. If anyone has the answers let me know, I sure don't.

Bess B

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