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Mouth Sores


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Any words of wisdom for mouth sores from chemo (Carbo / Taxol)?? I have just started to develope them on the corners of my mouth and under my lower plate. I have done the salt water mouth wash and will continue that but anything any one has had luck with would be appreciated. I "Talk" for a living (and like to eat, lol) so any help would be good.

Thanks all!!

God Bless,


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CALL THE DR.---Really, he can prescribe a magic mouthwash and it REALLY helps. Also drink lots of water and use a good chapstick. These happen to alot of people and there is something does help. You swish the mouthwas and can drink it. (usually) It helps with the sore throat that happens with this. Good luck. Cindy

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Aww, MO, sounds icky.

If you have sores outside your mouth, Lansinoh will work better than any kind of chapstick. Lansinoh is meant for breastfeeding mothers (it's purified lanolin), and if it's safe for newborns to consume, it must be pretty harmless. The stuff is thick, and will stain, but it's the best for any skin irritations.

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My daughter had a canker sore the size of "Arvidsaw" after getting braces (you know it's bad when the orthodontist says-hey everyone look at this!!!). The only relief she got was from Zilactin-B, an over the counter topical benzocaine. Of course, ask your nurse first, but it has this bioadhesive film that really coats and gives relief for quite some time allowing you to eat. Check first though because I wouldn't want it to slow the natural healing process, but as far as pain goes, it really works!

Speedy healing!


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Guest da's sis

my sister's oncologist has prescribed tetracycline capsules for her mouth sores, and has her open the capsules, dilute the contents in water, then rinse her mouth with the mixture. She says it tastes awful but has helped tremendously

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