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Like the others said, take care of Keith and yourself and keep us posted as you have time. Sounds like you have a good game plan and good docs that are open minded enough to confer. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


aka Nushka

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Carleen - I am so glad to see you post. I was getting very concerned the longer it was taking. I am glad that you and Keith have some very good options lined up... sounds like a good plan of attack. I keep you in my thoughts.... Love, Sharon

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My mother in law is just finishing up three weeks of radiation to the chest--and although she has had some discomfort, to be sure, it has certainly been bearable. And she seems to be breathing better, as well! I hope that Keith does not experience more severe side effects.

As for your news that "apparantly they finally got the streptozoticine"--all I can say is that it is about darn time!!!

Finally, what great news that Keith has been accepted into the trial, and you are ready to go. My fingers are crossed for Indium 111!

Even if you are not on-line every day--you and Keith are still in our collective thoughts.

Keep us posted when you can.

Best wishes to you both,


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