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Hi everyone,

I know this is last minute notice, but I could really use some of that awesome power of prayer from you all.

Tuesday morning 9:00 central time, Keith has an oncologist appointment to get the results of his CT scan.

His last scan was 12/18, and that showed a slight increase to the primary tumor and stable disease in all surrounding tumors. However, since then Keith has been off of all treatment. His last chemo was 11/28. He was scheduled for chemo in Jan, Feb and Mar, but every month he goes in and we are told that the chemo he is prescribed is on backorder from the manufacturer. So they tell us we will just go ahead with the next scheduled treatment. So, basically he hasn't had chemo now in 4 months. Because of this, we have decided to go ahead with the clinical trial of Indium 111 in New Orleans, and are just waiting to get scheduling information.

I am so scared because back in the end of Jan he started having some symptoms that he never had before.

He's been having numbness and tingling in his right arm. He has been feeling overall icky and achy. He is feeling chills but at the same time sweating profusely. In fact, he now needs to carry a towel with him wherever he goes because he soaks through his shirts. (anyone ever heard of that or experienced that?). In addition, he is much more exhausted than before. He sleeps a lot now. It seems that each week these symptoms get worse (especially the sweating and chills)

I am so afraid that this disease is progressing. Please pray for him that this isn't so. Please pray that the CT scan holds some positives for us even if that positive is just a mere stable result.



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"every month he goes in and we are told that the chemo he is prescribed is on backorder from the manufacturer."

That is so terrible, I can't even begin to fathom it. How can that be???? There is none to be had in the country? You must be losing your mind with worry.

Push them to get him scheduled for the clinical trial of Indium 111 in New Orleans ASAP!!!

As I am relatively new to this dreaded disease, I'm afraid that I do not have any insight or words of wisdom regarding his new symptoms. However, I will earnestly pray that your next the CT scan shows that he is holding stable, at the very least.

In the meantimes, try to remain calm, and don't forget to take care of yourself.

Praying as best I am able,


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Dear Carleen and Keith,

Just getting ready to run out the door myself to have my CT scan done.

BUT, I just HAD to stop for a minute and let you know I will be saying LOUD PRAYERS all the way down to the Cities here on my way to my scan for a GOOD REPORT for our Keith. (((((Carleen & Keith)))))

Much Love and Support,


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Please let you doctor know about the sweating and chills. He may have an infection or something and you should find out before the trial so he is healthy and ready to start. In reading up on this thing I have I read somewhere that chlls indicate the body is trying to fight off something.

Best wishes for a good scan report.


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CARLEEN and KEITH.Prayers are out there for both of you as well as for CONNIE B.All of you are going to have GOOD RESULTS ON YOUR SCANS.

The only time I had those types of symptoms was when I was having an allergic reaction to one of the chemo meds.Mention to dr. soon.They don't belong there.



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You and Keith are always in my prayers. I will send up special prayers for him and will await your post with the results.

Why is it taking so long for the chemo he needs. That is not right. Does it have to made from some type of special source. This is not acceptable from the doctors. This is his life, not theirs. I would be furious... Hoping it happens soon.

Blessings, affection and hugs from So. California, :)


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Guest Phyllis

Aren't they doing blood tests and exams in the meantime? I knew the last chemo I was on was not working in my own mind, but at least I saw the dotor on a monthly basis with weekly blood tests. That sounds bizarre that they could not get a chemo drug. Glad you are switching doctors. Maybe some of his symtoms are due to stress. I was just a basket case during the last trial I was on thinking it wasn't working and that was about 3-4 months. Once he starts this new clinical trial hopefully he will feel better quickly. Maybe he has just picked up a bug. I hope he feels better soon.

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