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Hi Mo,

No, life insurance appears to be a total impossibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. In my experience just recently, my employer offered additional insurance thru AFLAC and Cancer coverage as well. It turns out the Cancer coverage is only for people who have a clean non-cancerous bill of health. Their life insurance rejects me because of lung cancer. I work in benefits so i had to host the meetings for our employees. I spoke to the AFLAC people directlly. After seeing past their pitying stares at me, they told me point blank "you must be five years past diagnosis before we will ever CONSIDER you for coverage." This is just another down side of having this awful disease. The only coverage i have is my basic salary thru my employer. Sorry to be a downer, but it seems buying coverage after this diagnosis is pretty much impossible. If anyone else on the board knows otherwise, i sure would like to know.



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