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what do you think of this?


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I am going to the park tomorrow at 7:30am. It is a HUGE beautiful park with like 18 shelters. The largest shelter holds 250. Well my concern is what if more than that come. I don't expect it now, but who knows. They will rent me another shelter right next door.

Logically, it is a public park, so anyone can be there. However the nut job in me says what if more people show up and they start counting, then I will get in trouble. SO, here is the newest brainstorm---I rent both shelters. Shetlers are basically picnic table areas. I make the smaller area the "Kids Zone" where the bounce house is and stuff for kids, so kids running around don't annoy others. This way I cover my butt. I think for $190 I might as well do it, it is the "safer" route to go :) I already have $400 in sponsor money from my uncle who sells on EBAY and my office is going to give me a co uple hundred for sure. And I have not started to hit others yet, so I think it will be ok :)

Does this sound like a good idea?

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Way to put all your ducks in a row. Way to go Kiddo! Sounds like you have given this some thought and it really sounds like a nice time as well.

I know this is a lot of work, but trust me, you'll be SO PROUD after it's over. It's HONESTLY WORTH IT! I Chaired two Lung Cancer Awareness Events in Minnesota, and it really was worth it. I'm soooo proud of you!

Thank you for all your doing. ((((((Andrea))))))

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Hi Andrea,

Please see my ideas for you and help for your fundraiser. I hope I can be part of this with you. Look forwards to hearing from you. Stay calm my dear we WILL make it happen. We don't want you getting sick with worry over this, it is doable and we have time for planning.

Hang in there!

Karen in Corona, CA

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