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Now my mom is proud of me :)


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Natalie is doing the Relay for Life in Sacramento and I was like hmmm, I should see what it is about. So I checked on line and there are tons in my area.

I signed up to be a volunteer at as many events as I can, they are going to contact me and from there I can network, meet people, and also push this website.

I called my mom to tell her and she said perfect, that is exactly what you should be doing, helping and learning how it goes.

So yay, my mommy is proud of me and that is what matters most :):):):)

My daddy is also proud.

Natalie is my sister, my mom hears about her all the time and now says she is the sane one in the family and I need to follow her footsteps :)

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Sane? You actually think I'm sane? Wow! My mom is laughing in heaven right now at your comment! She use to tell me I was "so bossy" (imagine this in a French accent). It sounds like "Busy" when she'd say it.

Anyways, maybe we can all wear shirts across the country and have www.lchelp.com written big on the back to "plug" this website?

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Funny you mentioned the LC shirts Nat. I just PMd Katie to see if we could do that :)

Or I was thinking of buying totes for everyone with money I collected for the other walk.

I wish I could walk around with a big sign no my head, but taht would look odd. I told my mom she needs a sign to parade through the mall with--"Do I look like I have lung cancer? Well I do. Go get a chest scan". She wouldnt go for it ;)

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The "Choose Hope" website has clothing - some with a VERY eloquent saying in big letters on the front: CANCER SUCKS. I purchased one for my boy (Bug) and my Cookieman...I'm sure when Bug wears his shirt to school I'll be called in for "language", but I figure he has all rights to voice that opinion - I missed out on a lot of the "auditorium stuff" at the end of sixth grade for him due to timing and needing to avoid crowds/kids...

They offer ribbons, hats, candles...and there are some bonuses for "bulk" ordering - $1.50 ea for orders of over 50 ribbons...

I'm sure a simple shirt slogan such as "CANCER SUCKS" on the front and the web address of THIS site on the back or smaller font on the front would be a plus and wouldn't be too expensive to produce....can't be a copyright on THAT particular slogan, ya know?


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I was thinking the following would be neat for a tote bag or a button or something (got the ideas from prior posts). What do you think?


Sometimes a cough is more than a cough......22,000 non-smokers can't be wrong! Demographics for lung cancer are changing - are you a carrier?


For more information about lung cancer or for support, go to www.lchelp.com

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