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Bobmc and David A.?

Fay A.

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No news on Bob, Fay. I've been wondering about him too. He should have been able to complete his scan by now. I hate to keep bugging him, he'll change his number. :wink:

I spoke with David today and he is hanging in there. They do not have to remove the fluid around his heart but they don't have any answers for him on his lungs yet. I am thinking of trying to visit him tomorrow if he's still in there.

He also wonders about how Bob is doing.

Hope all is well with you, where's the Fay with spikey hair picture????


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Bobmc, you need to come online or get a family member to come online. We are all very concerned about you. When you don't post we worry so. I am praying real hard for you to get your body back in working order.

Much love is coming your way from all of us.....

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Well ok Ginny, but if I kiss him and he goes into cardiac arrest it's all your fault. I am hoping Bob might show up for chat tonight, we'll see.

I just talked to David and he said to tell everybody hello.

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Say hi to David for me and if you DO happen to talk to Bob, please tell him I HAVE found a site that ships live chickens and have no qualms about doing so. He needs to come visit us and let us know how he is doing!!!

Either that or the chickens...gentleman's choice!!! :twisted:

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