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Question about Iressa


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Is your father's oncologist aware of these symptoms? There are some side effects of Iressa that aren't so nice, not sure how they all present themselves. I noticed that my hair fell out (not all of it, just in the "male pattern baldness" area), my fingernails became thin and brittle (like paper), my eyes felt like my eyeballs might explode and I was having some odd numbness in my legs - almost like when having a spinal block. I was removed from the study I was in.

Don Wood's wife, Lucie, had some very bad side effects from the Iressa, leading to hospitalization.

My suggestion would be to make sure the oncologist is aware of what your father is experiencing. It may be "normal" and it may need more medical investigation.

Hope it's all fine and the Iressa works magic for you!


aka Snowflake

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I agree with all the above. I can only tell you what my symptoms are. I started Iressa one year ago, after about two weeks off chemo. I have regained some of my energy. My energy is still quite a bit lower than before dx, but is higher than during chemo/radiation and straight chemo. I have all the other synptoms your dad has. The numbness in my feet started a few years before my dx. It was caused by high sugar levels. I have type 2 diabetes. Also one of the chemos cause it to worsen. So, I cannot say whether or not Iressa has contributed to it. I also have some rash and very dry skin on my face and hands. My appetite still remains low, but my weight remains good. My bowels cover the entire spectrum. Good luck with Iressa. It has shrunk my tumors and is the best chemo I have dealt with.


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