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Update on my dad


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What a week! Eight days ago, my dad was driving to my house with his tools worried about my plumbing problem. Last Monday-Wed our family had planned a trip while my dad was feeling good. Instead, Wed he started a weekly regime of low dose carboplatin/taxotere and we went home with home O2 and a wheelchair. Yesterday, we saw the MD and got morphine (sustained released and liquid), prednisone, a foley cathether, hospital bed, nebulizer, and O2 holder. Last night with the morphine, he slept great - over 11 hours but now he seems to be sleeping all of the time. I realize the morphine is for his breathing, but we were afraid he was sleeping too much and he's been complaining of dizziness. So we called to get a lower dose of Morphine. They finally agreed to give us the med - but it took a lot of effort since it required a triplicate. But a home health nurse called us and that the morphine would help his O2 saturations and that the dizziness was probably related to that. My dad is totally alert and today the gardener came for the first time to mow his lawn. He told us to open up the gate/lock for him and wanted us to time how long it took him to do the job and if he did a good job. Then he said - "I mowed the lawn last week". For the past 2 days he needs help to even get out of bed. We've been using the wheelchair in the house and it takes a long time just to take his pills, drink water, and he barely eats. The MD said that the disease was making him sick and not the chemo. And as long as his lab work was O.K., he recommended chemo next week. Others have posted that maybe he needs a transfusion. . . he's scheduled for lab work either Sunday or Monday in anticipation for his chemo on Tuesday. I don't know what this next week will bring. Looking for a miracle but also wishing for peace and comfort. Thanks again in advance for all your good wishes, advice, thoughts, and prayers. Your support and care have been a Godsend. shirley

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So sorry you are going thru this too. My husband is a lot younger than your dad, and he starting to get weak now too. His second round of radiation really poops him out! Praying for you and your dad! He is lucky to have you! :wink: Its so hard to watch but we have to put our faith in God. Take care,


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