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moms hand can move again. sorta


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here is a little good news, i think it is anyway. After last sunday when my moms hand stopped moving we found the 2 brain legions on wednesday. the onc. put her on steroids the same day and today (monday) she could move her fingers again. she says their still a little weak, but hey their moving. :)

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mom just got back from todays radiation. The radiologist said he doesn't want to give any false hopes but he feels her chances of the RAD working on the brain mets will be ok. He did mention the Gamma Knife if this RAD does not work fully. I was hoping for that. She said she fealt ok today too. She is still having allot of difficulty getting solid food in because of the weight of her original tumor bent her esophagus allot. She is very horse but she has been since January. She is getting real sick of the meal replacement shakes too. I have tried almost every one. even thinning them with skim milk.

she can eat ice cream but it makes her flemmy.

Anyone have suggestions. i can get mashed potatoes and yogurt into her now. i think she needs real protein though.

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Guest BETH

shelly, how about egg salad, hard bolied eggs have protein and a little mayo to make them smooth might work. i can't eat alot either a egg salad works sometimes for me

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I know it sound weird, but when my aunt was going through her radiation and chemo she had a hard time with solid foods, and since she still needed the vitamins and minerals of real food she ate jars and jars of baby food. She said she actually enjoyed most of them because they tasted like a lot of the foods she enjoyed, just in a creamy smooth form. She really loved the baby food desserts and fruits. The one down side is that the jars are so small she'd have to eat 3-4 jars per meal. That gets a little pricey.


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Shelly, the steriods reduce the swelling which help the symptoms of the brain mets dissapate. It is good that they are working. I remember in Dec when Dad started showing signs of brain mets, his coordination was ALL OFF. He would go to eat, and couldn't get the fork to make contact with the food, and then trying to bring it to his mouth. Or he'd go to pick something up and misjudge where the object was and completly miss it. It was so difficult to watch, and SO FRUSTRATING to him! But the steriods worked and all of that improved significantly, even before he had the GK.

I hope that the food suggestions that were mentioned in the other posts helps. Maybe you could make her some fruit smoothies, berries are supposed to be good for a person in fighting cancer. Take care, Deb

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Guest JanetK

Hi shelly

A good way for your Mom to get protien is to make shakes or smoothies.

Go to a health food store and buy protien powder and you can make some

really delicous shakes with the protien powder, flavored yogurt, berries or

other fruit can be added. Also, most health food stores sell protien bars,

these aren't delicous, but I've gagged a few down when I know I need to

boost my protien.

So glad the radiologist feels like your Mom's tumors can be taken care of.

All the Best


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