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6 months today


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Mike has been gone 6 months today,

the road has been rough, but I travelled it alone,

today, even if I am sad, I have been happy all day.

I asked Mike, as he was leaving me, to take good care of me

and he has been doing a marvelous job.

Thank you God, thank you Mike.


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Jackie, I know how you are feeling and my heart is with you! We never know how strong we really are until we have to be strong! Hang in there... the good days become more frequent and the sunshine peaks through the clouds more often!!!

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Oh, Jackie, I'm teary-eyed, too. I'm so sorry you lost your soul mate. Words can't express what I feel for you, especially that you can say you are happy, too. It just takes my breath. God heard that "Thank you" and I just know that He smiled and wept a tear, too. He loves you so much!

Me, too,


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Thank you for your words,

Pam, will e-mail you,

Katie, the forum is a good help and keeping busy is good for me,

Ann, I always look for sunshine even on cloudy days,

Peggy, the best to you and your husband,

Lily, your posts even when they are sad are helping,

Karen, with the chimes, I am never alone.

God Bless all.


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