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I want to start something nice for smokers and ex-smokers


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I've given this some thought the last few, and I want to start something special for smokers and for exsmokers alike.

I want to start some kind of fund thing where people can give money which would go to do several things:

#1) Would buy patches, gum, or prescription stop-smoking aids (doctor prescription would be necessary for those) for people who want to quit smoking and who have a hard time buying the things for themselves

#2) Would pay for cat scans for people who had smoked for x amount of years, who WANTED a cat scan, who really couldn't afford a cat scan, provided a doctor would give the okay for a cat scan to be done - in order to catch lung cancer in early stage for some people, to prevent more sorrow and death

#3) Would pay for helping those with lung cancer who were unable to afford medicine, etc. to pay for such things

I know it must sound very elementary, and I know it would be a major thing to undertake - but NOBODY ELSE IS DOING IT. There are lung cancer associations and organizations and all you ever hear is research research smesearch and nothing ever comes of the research that is really and truly helpful. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are addicted to nicotine and have no help in breaking the addiction - they are developing cancer in their bodies and nobody is doing squat about it - all the money that went for research - if a FRACTION of it had gone for patches and gum, the cancer rate might see a drop twenty years after, you know?

There are hundreds of thousands of smokers who have smoked 20 years or more - many would like to have a cat scan, knowing it might catch cancer early, when it can be cured - but they can't afford it -

Meanwhile, there are walks and talks and telethons that make money that never help the actual people who suffer from the disease.

States collect money from tobacco companies and the money goes for lots of worthy causes and purposes - but that is is some states and not all - those who suffer are the ones who are footing the bill - the smokers - those are also the ones who will receive no help when trouble approaches them - wasn't it all about helping to defray the expense of sick smokers? Well, the smokers are still sick and the smokers are still smoking, as there wasn't enough money to help the sick smokers with -

I want to start a fund just for the smokers and ex-smokers who need help. Not the research people, not the governing bodies, not to pay anyone's salary. Just to buy patches, gum, prescription aids as doctor prescribe, and to pay for cat scan, etc. to help PEOPLE. Real people.

I don't think any one person should be in charge of such a project - I think it ought to be run by a group - preferably people like people here who understand what help is needed and why and who have personally seen the suffering of it all -

So - anyone here who is business minded? What would be needed to start such a thing - would that be classed a charity? Are there special licenses or what? Someone?

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I think this is an excellent idea. It would be nice if an existing established organization would go in this direction. We definitely need research, but funds directed in this area could do a lot of good. I was fortunate to have insurance too, but that insurance wouldn't even pay for a wellness chest xray and we know how expensive CT scans are. Also more people might be willing to try to quit smoking if the aids were more affordable. Wouldn't it be great to see lung cancer screening get up there with breast cancer and mammograms. They're really getting the word out and making these services available to everyone. Maybe we could choose an organization and lobby them to help. This would also be an excellent use of tobacco co. funds, maybe we should start there by lobbying our representatives. I like the way you think.


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Great idea Janet.....I have " descent" medical insurance however even with my prescription card some meds. are still in the $ 30.00 - $ 40.00 range per month.I take 2 meds in particular that cost me $75.00 per month.I also have a few others less expensive meds.In all i am out of pocket with $100.00 per month in scripts.I am not working right now and as wee all know that is alot of money when your not working.I had no idea that on some types of meds.there are no generics available and that is why they are so expensive.I think that is ridiculous ! It takes years before a generic drug can be marketted after the introduction of that particular drug to the public.I had no idea about this until the pharmisist told me.Does anyone else know about crappy laws concerning generic meds is ?Why wont our govt.allow the manufacture of generic meds earlier ? To me this is wrong and hurts folks like us who depend on new meds. and breakthrough technologies.Maybe i have gotten off base a little here but you struck a nerve in me with your topic Janet.

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I believe they hold the patent on that drug for a certain amount of years to recoup the cost the FDA requires for the expensive and exhaustive approval process. the drug companies would be out of business if generics could be made right away. then there would be no new drugs, because there would be no money for research or any incentive(profits) . Maybe they could extend the patents and lower the prices, but then again could you trust the drug companies to actually lower their prices. So it is kinda a double edged sword (there is another word i am looking for like circular logic or something). Its just stupid, how about that :)


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I think if we look to some established organization to take up such a cause, then we could expect to see them justifying taking a large amount of $ for administrative costs. SCREW THAT. The money needs to go to smokers and exsmokers, not somebody's salary or organizational expenses.

I think if we lobby lawmakers all we'll end up with is a headache, a LONG DELAY, and if anything were to come of it at all, it would be minimal - a token and precious little more than good PR for someone's election campaign. SCREW THAT TOO.

If anyone knows how to start a fund/charity, please let us know - I'm willing to donate money but NOT if it's some large established organization that has administrative costs to worry about before people.

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Hi Janet,

I am somewhat business minded, but not nearly enough to begin to know all that is needed to set something like this up.

What I do know is that you would need to set up a seperate bank account for donations and funding that is 100% seperate from any money used for personal use. This bank account can be set up as a not for profit business account.

Then appoint yourself, or someone, or a group that you want to head this fund up. There are state and federal forms that can be filled out to register as a foundation. It is almost the same as filing as an S-corporation, but it is specific for non-profit groups. Most certified public accountants should have knowledge about this, and even have access to the proper paperwork to fill out. You definitely want to talk to an accountant because a lot of the issues surrounding starting up a charitable foundation center around tax issues. A very important thing a charity needs is a good and reputable accountant.

After that, I would check into existing state funding contributed by tobacco companies to see if you could get a portion of that funding to go to your foundation. The tobacco companies are forced to contribute a certain amount annually to tobacco rehabilitation. They really don't decide who gets it, the state takes petitions and decides who gets what.

Next...Advertise, Advertise, Advertise. You need to Advertise for donations in order to keep money coming in to pay for the programs you want and also to handle all the administrative cost associated (like the accountants bill, and advertising costs), plus you need to advertise the programs available so that smokers and ex smokers know that there are programs out there to help them.

Setting this up might take a bit of initial working capital $$, but I would look into any federal grants that might be available for this. Search the internet for grants for charitable foundations. I truly believe there are a few out there.

I think this is a fantastic idea. I've often thought lately that if, God forbid, anything happened to my husband, I would turn my rage against this disease like never before seen. I have thought I would set up a foundation in his honor. I wish I could now, I just don't have the time or energy to do that along with working 50+ hours/week, taking care of my husband, and all the "other stuff" that still needs attention.

If you get more information, and there is ever anything I can do to help, please let me know.

God Bless you,


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Over the past few weeks as the shock and reality has begun to sink in I have also thought about starting a charity or a walk/race to raise money for lung cancer. After I began researching LC I found out how aggressive, deadly and common it is. There is definitely NOT enough funding for research and NOT enough progress has been made in finding a cure. I few years back I used to run a lot so the first thing that came to mind was starting some kind of race for a cure. There is SO much funding for breast cancer, colon cancer and AIDS....somehow LC got pushed to the background. It makes me so angry. After Katie Couric's husband died of colon cancer, all you would hear about is new research on colon cancer and how important it is to get screened early. So where does LC fit into the picture? It kills more people than any other cancer (but I'm sure everyone here knows that). It's late and I'm rambling so I hope I am making sense, but if anyone is interested in a race I would love to discuss. Also, I would need to know where to send all the $$ but that is far in the future. Fallin' asleep here...I'll check in later.


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Hi all,

Please read the article that MSNBC wrote about Taxol. If you go to website MSNBC.com, go to search and type lung cancer, then select #42. You can read about how the drug company mfg. for this highy used treatment for LC did not want generic drugs manufactured because it would cut into their profits. If this is the case how many more drugs are being mfg'd that we don't know about for LC and how do we find out about them.

We need a CURE. They say this is a common cancer, then why can't they find the CURE. We need to act on this as quickly as possible. We need to let our voices be heard. Does anyone have any ideas?.......I am willing to help as much as I can. We just need to put our heads together and come up with a plan.

Please post your ideas and thoughts, this is so important as we all know.

I am in Southern California.

God Bless to all and let's come out "FIGHTING"



8 treatments Taxol/Carbo and 38 treatments Rad

tumor shrunk - doctor wants surgery UCLA - PET 7/03

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