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I am not on oxygen, but have been wondering how a person knows when it is needed. Does humidity make SOB worse? This morining I mowed for about 35 minutes before just about keeling over but this afternoon, when it was hotter, 20 minutes is all I could do. Are there excercises a person can do to strengthen endurance without keeling over--lol. I wasn't in the best of shape before DX, but now one flight of stairs while carrying something "heavy" like laundry makes SOB noticeable.

Thanks for info.

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I think they judge it with a test to determine if you should be on oxygen. I had bad shortness of breath and still didn't need to be on oxygen, because mine was from lack of red blood cells, not from lack of oxygen. If there are no RBC's to carry oxygen to cells, it won't help to have it!

Check with your Dr. and see what he recommends.



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I find I am always sob when I do physical labor anymore but mine is also from lack of red blood cells and not that I can't process O2. Maybe you need you blood counts checked? HIRE someone to mow the lawn. I got a guy from our local homeless shelter that comes and does mine for $20. He loves the cash and I love NOT having to do it, lol. Still take care of my plants cause I can sit on the ground by the flowr bed to do that, lol.

God Bless,


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If you are interested in building up your endurance, walking is the best exercise there is, according to my surgeon. He said I'd get most of my lung function back if I did what they told me post-surgery, like walking or swimming.

I have, and I have to tell you it works.....It's not about the speed, I think it's more about distance. Please try it, it also helps to get out in the fresh air, and now that it's nice outside, it's even better. I look forward to my walk every night. good luck

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