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joining the anti depressant crowd

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Well I did it. I called my doctor for an anti depressant. The last week or so I have been more irritable than usual(even I noticed it). I can't make a decision-what grocery store to go to? where to go for lunch? Not thinking clearly(what else is new?) :? -more than normal. Taking deep breaths.

Have no idea why? Could it be that I've been on this nightmare rollercoaster for 7 months? Helped plan a wedding in 3 months-It's May 31. :D Worried about Gianni for the wedding. Altering 3 dresses for the wedding. Waiting for results of last test. We chose to wait until Monday. Preparing for Gianni's sister, brother-in-law and neice to stay at our house for 10 days for the wedding. They are coming from Italy. The sister and brother-in-law have never been here. They are staying with us, which means getting two more beds for our small ranch house and cleaning it for company! (I'm very happy that they are coming but it adds to the stress. Gianni hasn't seen them in 8 years.) I'm not working so I do have time.

We are now a two Zoloft family-interesting since before this Gianni wouldn't take a tylonal and I've never taken anything other than antibiotics.

Oh I forgot. Our microwave broke last night!!

Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest.


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:lol: Welcome to my world!

Here's my zoloft story: Told the therapist that my mother-in-law and I are actually having fun together now. She asked me what I thought the difference was now.

I told her it was the fact that we are both on zoloft. :wink:

But seriously, I still have moods--saddness and depression and anger--but with the zoloft I don't go as low as I did before.

I never popped pills before either.

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Hi Rosanne,

Just wanted to drop a little note and see how your doing now??? I know it takes a few weeks for those wonderful drugs to KICK in, but sure hope your feeling better real soon! Hope it helped you to get some of your junk off your chest. (the only time I am big chested is when I carry around a lot of junk on it!) hehehe! Sometimes that helps a LOT just to be able clear things off our chest!

You know we are here for you. I'm sure your really getting stressed with the wedding coming this weekend. Hang in there! It's also a time to have fun. LET YOUR HAIR DOWN And go WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! :wink::)

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Must be a generational thing. At least I thought it was until I noticed that many people younger than myself are reluctant to take medication, and are actually proud of it! Strikes me as bizarre. What's the message here? I'm strong, so I don't need to take pills?

I'm part of the Woodstock Nation. Everyone I knew in college took pills of all kinds. But back then it was a political and social statement as much as a way to get high. Remember the motto "Better living through chemistry".

Now I joke with my wife that she gets all the cool drugs, while I haven't had a decent drug since 1972.

My wife takes Prozac and Valium. She's an extremely tense and anxious person by nature. She jumps when you cough. But the Prozac seems to help her quite a bit. She doesn't show much stress on the freeway as we go zipping to her chemo session. And the Valium allows her to sleep very soundly.

I've suggested Ativan to her, but she says it doesn't work for her as well as Valium. But I don’t think she's tried Celexa. I see that some who post here have had success with this.

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Gianni is taking Ambien to sleep-just started. It works great. He has Xanax for nerves.

I'm glad I am taking zoloft. It is helping.

I'm from the same generation, but I never did get into the drugs so now i'm a over 50 drugger!!!!HA I still can't hold a candle to my 76 yr old mom. She is called our family pusher.


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Rosanne, since coming to this board i have learned alot about caregivers, husbands,wives,daughters,sons, and all others who have a cancer survivor in their life. You are all amazing people. Had god seen it fit for me to be the one to be on that end i dont know if i could have handled it. I am not saying it is easier for the one who has got the cancer but i will say that it takes special people to do what you all do who have a loved one affected by this disease. It blew me away to learn how many people are affected by a diagnosis like this. I have had a spiritual awakening as the result of this diagnosis. I really cant explain it nor do i question it. I just know i feel real feelings now that i have never felt in my life and it is feelings for others like yourself and Gianni. I also have been prescribed a med. for anxiety ( not depression ) i havent ever taken anything like this but i take xanax three times a day and it helps calm my fears and anxieties to a point where i can face the day without an overwhelming sense of the weight of the world being on my shoulders. Keep us posted and God bless the two of you Rosanne.


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