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I had a wonderful experience last night

Angie Daughter of Bill

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Now, let me say, I DO believe in God and in heaven. I am a very spiritual person. But, I have read things where people say that they felt the prescense of a loved one after they had passed away.............I have never experienced that, so I was skeptical. Well, let me tell you.......IT HAPPENS. Of course I have been praying for my Dad. I have prayed that all of my loved ones who have passed on to please help us down here. Last night, I had a dream..........it was like nothing I have experienced before. My grandfather, my Dad's father passed away about four years ago due to throat/lung cancer. I was VERY close to my grandfather. Last night, in my dream, I was sitting outside on the grass holding a doll that I had when I was a child. (It was my favorite doll and my grandfather bought it for me) I was playing with this doll and talking to it. My grandfather came to me in my dream and said that he was there. He said that he heard ALL of my prayers. He told me that he didn't know if Dad would be cured of his cancer, but if not that he would take care of Dad. He told me not to worry...........this is in God's hands. I awoke at 4:00am this morning thinking, "Was that real??" When I sat up in the bed, I realized that I had been crying in my sleep. My eyes were still tearing up and my pillow was damp from my tears. This was an amazing experience!! Maybe it was "just a dream", maybe it WAS my grandfather coming to me. I choose to believe that it was my grandfather........it felt so real. I hope you all get to experience something similar. I felt so peaceful when I woke up this morning. Thanks for letting me share this.


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Ain't Grampas great? My grandfather came to me in a dream soon after his death (last June)... I don't recall a lot of conversation, just that we were both young again :!: and riding bikes down the gravel road my grandparents used to live on. When we were in Stateside, we usually spent a month of summer vacation "at home" with the grandparents (both sides) and those summer days on the bicycle with my grampa who had TIME for me were some of the BEST DAYS ever... After the dream, I felt so rested and so loved... And so "odd" because it didn't feel like a normal dream (ya know, the ones where the monsters are chasing you and you trip and begin to fall....and fall...)...

A few months later, Cookieman and I visited a medium and my Grampa was there to communicate with ME (the trip was for hubby, I was just going as support)... His communication was that he comes to me in my dreams and that he is so much better now.

So I have closure on my Grampa's death. I still miss him, but know he's still watching out for me...and will be waiting for me when the time comes (I better practice back up on that bike riding...)

Take care, Angie, and take heart that they're "Somewhere out there".



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I believe you did have a visit, how wonderful. I have twice actually seen people who had passed on - one time I didn't even know the person was gone when I saw him so it couldn't have been my imagination.


1970s I broke up with my boyfirend, a few days later I saw him standing beside the road as I went to work. Really surprised to see him there. Didn't stop, looked back and he was gone. Got to work and his family called me there to tell me he had died the night before. 30 days after that he came to me in a dream and told me"Find someone living to love" and that death "was like walking through a door."

2002 My father passed away at 82 and in very bad physical shape. I was awake all that night and saw him twice, head and shoulders, about 30 years old and grinning ear to ear. He was one happy guy, happier than I had ever seen him before. He didn't say anything but I saw him clear as day.

2004 I do genealogy and have distant cousins I only comunicate with rarely. One the very day that the doctor called us to say "cancer" - on that same day I got an email from a cousin in Canada with a copy of a card he had just found - a consolation card my father had sent them 18 years before, in another country for goodness sake, and here it arrived in my email on a very bad day.

Make of it what you will but I firmly believe there is life after this life and our lost ones are way happier than we are and that one day we shall be together again. What matters now is how we treat each other and what matters later is that everything is alright in the end.

Margaret in Iowa

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