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e-mail from a dead person


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Received to-day an e-mail from a girl 33 years old, that

asked us to serve as grandparents to her during her sickness

(2002), she died April 1st 2004, got an e-mail dated March 27th

2004 to-day from her, never had got it before.

Last night I was talking with her mother and we were wondering

if she was with Mike.

Now I got the e-mail from her to-day................................

to me it is a way to let me know they are together.

I am still shaken by it.


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I was really surprised by that e-mail, but I am used to

weird communications, the chimes that were Mike way to

communicate with me the last weeks are still going very

often and they are still without battery.

Most of the people that hear them are not surprised

at all they know how near we were.

I must be living in a ghost house, but I like it,

even if I get surprised each time.


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I love to hear about others experiences with all these signs that our loved ones are near and watching over us! I was lying in bed watching television night before last and something caught my eye from my kitchen. I saw something that appeared to be a person walk across my kitchen. I thought it was my son, but when I got up I found him sleeping in his room. Oh well, I guess I should be used to it by now. It's comforting to know Dennis is still with me!!!

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