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My husband was not retired and therefore no pension, he was 60 when dx'd. We applied for SS disability and started receiving it 6 mths after dx. I understand that they really do not question stage IV patients.

Hope that helps.


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I think your best bet would be to call and talk with someone. There are so many complicated things that go along with all that, you would be better off calling. I know that my great grandma collected both her husbands pension, and social security, but had to go through alot of paperwork. If he can though it will probably be worth your time.

Good luck, I hope it works out!


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I believe you are talking about Social Security Disabiliity not Supplemental Security Income or better known as SSI.

The answer to your question is yes if he worked and paid into Social Security 5 out of the last 10 years before he became disabled and he is fully insured. At his age he will need approx 38 credits and what that means is normally a person who works full time all their life earns 4 credits a year so to get 38 credits in full time work that is only 9 1/2 years assuming 4 credits a year.

All he or you has to do is phone 1-800-772-1213 and set up an appointment to be called at home or you can go into your local Social Security office and file in person. He will need his birth certificate and tell him to take with him his 2003 W-2 showing his wages. They probably already have that on file but if not, it will be to his benefit to give them update info. If he has any medical records on his disability he can take them too, if not Social Security will request his medical records. If he was ever in the military, tell him to take in his DD214. May or maynot be needed...

Social security will speak to him about SSI but that is a needs based program, and with him getting a pension, he may not qualify for it. It is a low income paid program. They will speak to him about it to see if he qualifies and if so will take a claim for that program too.

Under Social Security disability, it has a full five month waiting period before it can pay benefits to those that are approved. You say he became disabled with lc in Jan/2004, that means if that is the date he uses on the claim, and he is awarded benefits, he would be eligible for payments starting with the month of july/ 2004. His receiving a pension has nothing to do with Social Security disability. He just has to quality under the guidelines i mentioned above. Tell him to file immediately....it is in his best interest to do so.....If he is approved, Medicare would start July/2006.

You can pm me anytime regarding this matter....

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What Norme said. Social Security Disability (SSDI) is not based on financial need, but soley on a persons disability. Suplemental Security Income (SSI) IS based on both disabiliity and financial need.

When I was dx'd it was at stage IIIa and was imediataly approved. I did have to wait the 6 months from the date of disability (either the date of the dx or, in my case, my last full day of work) and I have to wait until my State Disability Insurance (SDI) runs out in November (which is just fine with me as my SDI is almost 200 bucks more a month than my SSDI will be :)) but the approval was a slam dunk. So give that number norme posted a call and get the thing started.

Don't you just love all those letters? SSI, SSDI, SSA, SDI ... Try not to get too confused over what each one is! :)

Good luck!


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Dear all--

Thank you for such informative posts!!! I am filing those away pronto!!! (And looking into them for Geoff's mom.) I had nary a clue.

Thank you both so much for clarifying a matter that can be be frustrating and confusing at the time one needs added stress (and red tape) the least!


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Thanks to Norme's advice months ago on the financial forum, Chris was able to collect SSDI and his long term disability check from work. We did all the info over the phone with Social Security, filled out the paper work and mailed it in.

He signed up for it 5 months after he was out of work, so we really had no waiting period.

Stage 4 is an automatic approval. Only thing I didn't know was that after he passed away, I couldn't collect his social security until I'm 60. Jeepers, that's 8 years away:) So glad the gov't is holding it for me, not!


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Thank you all for great infomation you gave me the only thing that worried my hubby was the thing about medicare starting in 2006 he said if that happends then he would loose his medical from his pension we will call the 800 number and check things out again thank you all very much. WHERE do you get the finacial forum and also is there another late stage forum ????????? Charolette

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