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Thank you Katie Brown for all you do

David A

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HI Katie and others, I recieved the items I ordered from the LCSC store ad they are wonderful . My wife has been using the denim memory tote bag for work, everytime I see it I get ll teary eyed and have cried looking at it thinking of all the great people we have lost here, my wife also has been wearing the patient advocate button which is real appropriate for her, as she is an advocate and has been way before I was dxed, as she was an Rn for 15 + years in a critical care medicine unit, for the last five years she has been the nurse mananger of that same unit, always the patients well bieng and comfort 1st. I'm very proud of her in respect to her ethical and compassion that she practices with others.

Yesterday we went to our local cancer center for a families facing cancer together/ what about the children day. It was a great day for all of us, my boys had fun. I wore my new black "I'm not s statistic" shirt, almost everyone who saw it commented on how much they liked it.

So thank you Katie , you are super duper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love David a

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I am so glad that you had fun. And Katie---we love you and appreciate all you can do. With those wonderful t-shirts we can all be like walking soldiers getting our messages across, while looking stylish, being comfortable, wearing short sleeves but yet not having the flab hang oug :lol:

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Glad you had a good time.


You do beautiful work, I have my tote bag all the time

when I go out, so my husband can be with me at all

time and the souvenir of others.

Thank you Katie for all the work, you do so much for us,

that you put me to shame.

Love to all


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