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Hi. My mom finished 27 sessions of radiation on Tues and she said today she is more tired than she has been since she started any cancer treatment. I'd almost say Relay was too much for her, but, I would not let her walk much and she has been "active" on weekends meaning going to the mall, Costco, that kind of stuff, so she is used to activity.

I am just curious from those who experienced radiation--did the fatigue linger? I know each person is different. They were at the same facility as the oncologist unrelated last wek, so she went in for blood and her Rbc was low and she got a shot.

Thanks so much all :)

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I was told it could last 6 months to a year,can vouch for the 6 month, the year I can't because cancer was back before 1 year. Your Mom has had chemo and surgery also, correct? That all has a cumuliative effect also, or so I was told. Wish your Mom well.

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My husband was weak for a good month after. The radiation depletes your bone marrow and so it has to replenish itself and that makes one very tired. Also makes yur white count very low. She needs to be careful about going out to places where she could pick up a bug. Her immune system is weak right now. Tell her to take it easy for a while and she will start feeling better soon! :wink:


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