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CTs today

dave s

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Well I'm sitting here waiting to go for CT chest and abdomen. I'm near panic because of my inability to breathe when lying down. I don't know if I can fight off the panic and claustraphobia from being "trapped" in the machine and unable to breathe. I really need the CTs so I'm going to try very hard. God how I hate this disease.

I don't have time to get any responses but I wonder if anyone else has had this problem? If you can't breathe lying down, how can you get the needed scans????

I'm going to take 2 percoset to try and calm me down. It's very unusual for me to feel this way. I'm usually very controlled and methodical. I wish it was over. Wish me luck, Dave S

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CTs aren't all bad...not quite the same as the MRI. I discovered that the Valium they offer for MRI anxiety ain't all bad - in fact, I've decided to "pop a Xanax" before ANY testing now (unless I have to fast).

Hope you get back down to earth soon!

Good luck!


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Thank you all for your caring replies. I'm back and it went better than I expected. I explained to the techs about my problem and my fears and they were wonderful. I was only reclining for a very short time and handled it well. I'm guessing the meds helped too. I sure hope I don't require an MRI or PET anytime soon.....

I took a disk with the images on it to my oncologists office and asked that he call me ASAP, now I wait.

Thanks Again, Dave S

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