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I need to request a hall pass for a week. Too long and complicated, but don't worry, everything is ok :)

I will be lurking occasionally b/c I am anxiously awaiting to hear when Nancy B. comes home, when Mo comes home, I want to hear a miracle from Shellie, Jamie's dad has his big dr appt June 9, etc, etc. I also will monitor Activism forum ;)

I will leave you for the week with a NEW reason to buy a shirt from LCSC. Yuo can make your money back in free food! I had the shirt on Sat night when I stopped in a sandwhich shop to bring home soup and sandwhiches. Guy behind the counter started arguing about my shirt, telilng me lung cancer is not just a breath away, telling me it is a smoker's disease, and let's just say that we had quite a debate and as a result the manager gave me the food for free. :wink:

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okay, I don't believe you! Everytime you say you are going to be off the website for a while, you come right back because you can't handle being away from us! :wink:

I hope everything is okay. Email me and give me the scoop.

Thinking of you.

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See this is like the boy that cried wolf. You cannot have a hall pass and lurk and post, rule 58.5 paragraph 4. Requesting a hall pass means you are gone, the pass is so we don't worry about you. Now if you are on and dropping in you are not technically gone, rule 62.6 paragraph 1.

I think you just want David to yell at me for being too lax with the pass.

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